Sunday, April 29, 2007

May General Membership Meeting Agenda

You're invited to our next community meeting:

Wednesday May 2
2007 – 7:45 PM
The Cordero School
0n Erie St. between 9th St. and Pavonia Avenue

Meeting Agenda
7:45 to 8:00 Crime Report
Police Officer Dina Reilly from the East District Police Department will come to discuss our neighborhood safety concerns. The Jersey City Police Department has a new website, provides extensive Department Information as well as Preventive Tips. Also please note that the non-emergency police number is (201) 547-5477.

8:00 – 8:30 Property Revaluation Coming to Jersey City
Councilman Steven Fulop will explain the Jersey City property revaluation, including what to expect and when to expect it. Calvin O. Trevenen will also address the community and explain what a property revaluation may mean to the Jersey City home owners, based upon his professional experience. Mr. Trevenen is admitted to practice law in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. His areas of practice concentration are Zoning, Planning and Land Use; Real Estate Tax Appeals; and Real Estate.

8:30 - 8:45 Update/Vote on Proposed Changes to Downtown Traffic
The HPNA will update you on the latest regarding proposed traffic route changes for the downtown area, including proposed plans for a Jersey Avenue extension through Liberty State Park and a possible 11th Street Viaduct (an elevated off-ramp from the NJ Turnpike through the Hamilton Park neighborhood along 11th Street and down to the Newport waterfront). Current HPNA members are asked to vote on your support or opposition to all four plans so that we can present the HPNA community's views to the City at the next public hearing.

8:45 to 8:55 Sixth St Embankment – Preview Concept Design Plans
Jenny Meyer of the Embankment Preservation Coalition will present potential concept design plans for a passive-use park atop the 6th Street Embankment.

8:55 to 9:10 General HPNA Community Updates
The HPNA will update the community on various neighborhood concerns, including the future Newport development along 10th Street and the recent flooding experienced in many homes.

9:10 - 9:30 Neighborhood social time, chat with presenters

Announcements and Upcoming Events
Mon, April 30th Meeting to Discuss Recent Flooding from Storms
Was your property affected by flooding with the recent storms? Councilman Steven Fulop has convened a meeting for Downtown JC residents to discuss the flooding and overburdened sewer system. Please come share your experience and property damages with the Councilman on Mon, 4/30, at 8pm at Cordero School (158 Erie Street) so that these problems are fixed. Need an overview on the sewer system problems? Check out the HPNA's Flooding Fact Sheet through our blog at http://hpnajc. .HPNA Archiving Project at Pavonia Branch LibraryMany thanks to all who have helped in our last two work sessions on the HPNA Archiving project. While we have made significant progress in our last two work sessions, there is still much to be done. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Janice Monson via e-mail at cowmowsow@aol. com. Please put HPNA Archive in the subject line.

The 22nd Annual Hamilton Park FestivalSaturday June 9th (11:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Rain date: Sunday June 10th
Registration forms can be downloaded here, through our blog!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flooding Meeting With Steven Fulop

From Steven Fulop:

If you had/have any flooding in your home or business please try to attend this meeting so I can get the most detail and push the MUA to have the problem corrected.

I will get flyers put throughout the ward in the next few days to make sure people are aware of this meeting but there is strength in numbers on issues like this, so if you could please spread the word as well that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Steven Fulop
Councilman Ward "E"

When: Monday, April 30, 2007 @ 8PM
Where: Cordero School, 158 Erie St

Monday, April 23, 2007

Flooding Fact Sheet

Why does your basement flood?
The sewer system in the Hamilton Park area is over 100-years old. The sewers throughout downtown Jersey City have been allowed to disintegrate over many years of neglect. In the past Jersey City has only made repairs in response to regulatory directives and to promote development.

Downtown is serviced by a Combined Sewer system, which means that raw sewage and storm water are combined in the same sewer pipe. When it rains the collapsed or broken, undersized pipes backup (surcharge) and a combination of storm water and sewage floods into your basement.

It should be clear that the flooding is NOT due to the following:
• “Regional Groundwater Conditions;
• “Below Sea Level”
• “High Tides”
• “Underground Rivers”

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Board of Ed Elections are on April 17th. Come out and VOTE!

Jersey City Families For Better Schools
Invites You To The

Board of Education
Meet the Candidates
Public Forum

Cordero Elementary School
Erie & 9th St., Jersey City, NJ
April 5th, 2007

About Jersey City Families for Better Schools

Jersey City Families for Better Schools (JCFBS) has been founded by community parents, who are deeply concerned about the shortage of quality schools in Jersey City.

We have come together with a love for our community and a desire to raise our children with the highest quality of education possible. JCFBS is an organization representing a diverse group of parents, individuals, administrators and educators in Jersey City.

For further information about JCFBS please log on to http://groups. group/jcschools/ or email us at jcschools-owner@ yahoogroups. com.

From Exeter (Hamilton Square Developer)

Please note, the 9th street closing between McWilliams and Erie is due to Roto Rooter. They were servicing a water main, broke it and are now repairing it.

The closure is not due to the Hamilton Square Renovation.

They should be complete in a couple of days.

Please call if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

HPNA Membership Meeting April 4, 2007

Jenny Meyer from the Embankment Preservation Coalition discussed the status of the Embankment project and the new "Make Our Park" sign campaign.

Recent events - particularly the Council majority's refusal to vote 'yes' to allow the city to apply for a $5 million bridge loan (at a low 1% interest rate) from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to help pay for the Embankment - have demonstrated that the majority our elected officials do not think that open space/park issues are a priority or even a compelling issue. It is important that the thousands of citizens who support a wide variety of open space issues city-wide let the Mayor and City Council know that this is a key voter issue that is not going away.

For more information and to get involved visit

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Large Easter Bunny Spotted in Hamilton Park!

The weather cooperated, and the Easter Egg hunt was a success!
Thanks to the Easter Bunny, volunteers, and all the children that collected the Easter eggs.