Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hamilton Park Renovation Update

First off, my apologies for the lack of updates outside the HPNA meetings. We've been afraid to jinx this by announcing anything since there have (obviously) been a few delays. But things are progressing well now. Thanks to Councilman Fulop, money was approved from City Council a couple of months ago. Tonight at the Planning Board meeting the construction documents/plans were reviewed and unanimously approved.

Timetable looks like the following: Out to bid in May. A few weeks for bids to come back, then some administrative decisions on the City's end. Looks like construction will start this summer - perhaps in June after the HPNA's annual June Park Festival (6/14 - mark your calendars). We'll have a dedicated renovation table at the Park Festival, so come by and check out the plans. Once it's out to bid we can put an electronic copy of the site plan on our website for everyone to review online. But it looks great!

Unfortunately, it looks like most of the park will be closed for at least a little stretch while the infrastructure (drainage, sewers, electrical) is addressed. After that hopefully the construction will be limited to the areas where specific projects are planned. The entire project should be wrapped up this winter (maybe by year-end 08) so next spring we will be in the clear with a new park.

The HPNA will provide construction updates. Check the HPNA blog frequently for news.

Hope that helps give everyone a good idea of where things stand!

Jen Greely