Monday, October 5, 2009

HPNA Bylaws - Updated!

As mentioned in this month's newsletter, the HPNA board has been working over the past few months to update our bylaws. Below are the current bylaws and the set of bylaws proposed by the board. The changes are highlighted in red. Please take a chance to review the changes; we plan to discuss these in the December meeting (with follow-ups during the January meeting). If you have revisions you would like the board to consider before the December General Meeting please email using the contact us link on this page.

In February we will vote on both these new bylaws and conduct the elections for the 2010 board.

Speaking of Elections two friendly reminders:
  1. We will be taking officer & trustee nominations in the December General Meeting as well. The nomination period will be open from the December meeting until the opening of the February meeting. Any HPNA member who is eligible to vote may run for a Trustee position. Any person who has served on the HPNA Board for a year or more is eligible to run as an Officer. Since we will be voting in the bylaws FIRST, you should be prepared to uphold both the current and proposed bylaws should you choose to run.
  2. In order to vote on the bylaws & in the elections you will need to be a current member for at least the past 90 days. this means if you haven't done so you must become a 2009 HPNA member no later than the November General Meeting. Also since ALL memberships renew each January you will need to renew your membership in January in order to vote at the February meeting!


Current HPNA Bylaws

Proposed HPNA Bylaws - 2009 Rev 3