Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Project on Jersey City History at Local Laundromat! Aug 21.

Jersey City Artist Archives the City's History in Her Local Laundromat.
Jersey City, NJ, August 3, 2011 – Artist Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, one of five
participants in the 2011 Create Change Public Artist Residency program at The
Laundromat Project, launches Ask Me : Tell Me, which will take place on August 21,
2011 from 12pm to 6 pm. Open to all Jersey City residents, Aguilera Skvirsky of Jersey
City will be facilitating a free art workshop that offers access to drawing, photography
and sound recording at her local laundromat, Lucky Laundromat (577 Jersey Ave,
Jersey City, NJ). Participants will learn about the city’s history and be invited to record
their impressions of how Jersey City’s landscape is changing through redevelopment,
gentrification and demographics.
ASK ME : TELL ME is a public art project that uses Lucky Laundromat as a site to
gather and share the oral histories and experiences of residents living in Jersey City. For
this project Aguilera Skvirsky is using the laundromat as a defacto community center to
connect with and engage her neighbors.
Aguilera Skvirsky says “making artwork  in the laundromat has led to exchanges with
Jersey City residents about how their neighborhood is changing, uses of public space
and how they see themselves in a future Jersey City.”
From residents’ artistic contributions to this project, Aguilera will create a series of placebased postcards that will act as a living archive of Jersey City and will be made available
for free from a postcard kiosk located at Lucky Laundromat during fall 2011. Participants
in the archive will also receive a copy of their contribution. Read the Artist’s blog at for more information about her historical research and
process of developing a community-based art project.