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October Newsletter

Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association Newsletter
October 2011 Issue


Do you wonder how it works?  Who is going to do it?  What you need to do?  Come to our October Meeting.  Realty Appraisals, the company hired to do the assessment will be there to describe the process and answer your questions.  The Harsimus Cove Neighborhood Association is co-hosting this event.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT 2011 - America's Night Out Against Crime
Local Residents Recipients of the 2011 National Night Out Award!

On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, at the East District Captain's Meeting, awards were given to our neighbors. The "Certificates of Appreciation" National Night Out Awards were presented by the East District Police Department from the City of Jersey City, Office of The Mayor. 
The award reads: "This award is to acknowledge those who through their selfless acts have contributed to making our City a better place to live." The award recipients are as follows: Al Bacilli, Elna Mukaida, Jan A. Nordland, Diana Perales, Ramon Perez. 

Honorific Street Renaming – Principal Strynar Avenue
HPNA voted to support a honorific street renaming, by Cordero Community School after its Principal Strynar at the July meeting and advocated that it would be on Erie in front of the school. The street sign should be going up in the next week or so.  Keep your eyes open at 9th

FERC Public Hearing October 19th   Ferris H.S., 35 Colgate St, 7pm.  
There is an upcoming public hearing concerning the proposed Spectra gas pipeline.  Please come out and voice your opinion.  To speak at the meeting you need to sign up at 6:30 pm. Most of Hamilton Park Neighborhood is in the blast zone of the proposed pipeline.

Bloodmobile Drive is being Rescheduled
The blood drive had to be postponed due to Tropical Storm Irene and flooding.  We are looking to reschedule in November.  More details to follow.

Make a Difference Day is October 22nd
HPNA is signed up for lots and lots of flowering bulbs to plant in the park.  Come out on the 22nd and plant some bulbs to make the park more beautiful.  Bring your own gardening supplies if you have them, if not we will have some.

Let’s  “tree” the neighborhood!
The applications to plant trees at the curbside in front of homes should be available on October 3rd from the DPW.  Trees are supplied and planted by the DPW at a moderate cost to the homeowner

The HPNA board surveyed the neighborhood to see where trees are needed and HPNA is going to coordinate getting applications to homes that have empty tree pits or possibly could have trees in front of them.  To help ensure the trees establish themselves in the 1st year when watering is essential, the HPNA will provide treegators to  neighborhood residents who are accepted into the program.  Treegators are sturdy green bags that wrap around the tree trunk and can hold gallons of water which is slowly released to the roots.  We will have applications at October’s meeting or you can email and we will send you one.

Garbage in the Children’s Playground
The HPNA is working with DPW to see if we can get at least 2 or 3 more trash cans in the playground as the current ones are inadequate. This  hopefully will help to reduce litter.  Additionally, if you want latex gloves to help pick up trash in the playground or anywhere in the park, we have them.  We are willing to deliver some to you so you can keep them with you at the park.  Please email with gloves in the subject line and please enclose where you would like us to drop off the gloves.

As there is no recycling in the park, it has become an increasing concern for many of our neighbors. HPNA is starting a committee to focus on installing a workable recycling system in the park.  If you want to join the committee by emailing

Cordero Community School Fun Run is October 21st!
The students at Cordero (Erie and 9th) will be holding the 2nd annual fun run in Hamilton Park on the October 21st.  The students from Pre-K to 8th grade will be running to raise money for the field trips.   The 8th grade 3 day fieldtrip to Washington DC is completely paid by the school’s fundraisers.  Students will be soliciting support in terms of money per lap the student runs or flat donations.  Please support this healthy event and our local public school!  Contact or to help on the day or to provide financial support.

Look for the HPNA Business Tents at Local Businesses
The membership cards have been mailed to all new and old members.  Those businesses that support the HPNA and our community, now have their tent cards out!  Please visit these businesses that support your neighborhood!

If you are not a member, and would like to support our neighborhood, you can become a member by downloading the membership form from or by emailing The annual membership fee is only $10 per household, and you can always join HPNA for multiple years!

Does Your Block Need a New Trash Can?
Unfortunately, everywhere we look trash is littering our streets, sidewalks, and the park. Installing new trash receptacle requires neighborhood support.  15 residents in the immediate area need to sign a petition to have a new trash receptacle installed on your street. If you and your neighbors believe that your street needs a new trash receptacle, HPNA has developed a simple petition to sign, which you can obtain by emailing  You can then either send them directly to the JCIA or the HPNA can send them in with our support to the JCIA.

Traffic Updates
The traffic study at 10th and Monmouth reportedly wasn’t significant enough for a stop sign.  HPNA is still pursuing the matter.  Requests have been submitted for crosswalks to be repainted throughout the neighborhood.  Additionally, HPMS is requesting a loading zone for pick up and drop off times so that the double parking will decrease at 8th and McWilliams.

Look around in the neighborhood
The Hamilton Park Watch Group is the "eyes and ears" for the JCPD in the park, and reports any suspicious or illegal activity immediately to the JCPD.  The group and its members are dedicated to helping make our park a safe place to visit for children, neighbors, and visitors.  Please join us at:

News from the Greens Committee
The newly started Hamilton Park Greens Committee keeps the greens in the park clean and pretty.  It meets on Saturdays at 10 AM, weather permitting.  Come and pull weeds, meet your neighbor, and have some fun.  Please email Jan at for more information.

Every Wednesday – Farmers’ Market, 4 – 8 PM
October 5th- General Meeting: Realty Appraisal:  How the Reappraisal Works
October 19th – FERC meeting Re: Spectra Proposed Gas Pipeline
October 21st – Cordero Fun Run in Hamilton Park
October 22nd – Make a Difference Day – the Big Dig in HP
October 30th 10-12 am Annual Halloween Parade and Activities
November 2nd – General Meeting – come and meet your neighbors who work in the local government and learn more about how your government works

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